Nutrition Solutions for Life

Sophie Crosswaite MSc

Sophie Crosswaite is an experienced Nutritionist specialising in family nutrition, gut health and intuitive eating. Working from a practice in west London, Sophie helps clients with a range of health issues and digestive problems and runs workshops on weaning and fussy eating for families.

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Nutrition advice

Providing evidence based, sustainable and practical nutrition solutions

Nutrition solutions for life can help clients with a range of issues including chronic dieting, digestive problems and hormonal challenges. She can provide dietary advice to reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. She can also help parents with concerns about their children from fussy eaters to advice on teenage nutrition and vegan/vegetarian diets.

Intuitive Eating 

Developing a healthier relationship with food

Are you a chronic dieter? Did you know that dieting actually increases your risk of gaining more weight than you lost? It also increases your risk of depression and anxiety.

Have you heard of intuitive or mindful eating? Would you like to know more? 

Intuitive eating  

  • allows you to break free from the rules and restriction of dieting

  • teaches you to listen to your body signals in what, when and how to eat

  • is associated with a lower body mass index BMI 

  • has been shown to lower your risk of heart disease

  • improve blood sugar control

  • increase your motivation to exercise

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Advice to parents of babies starting out on their lifelong journey with food

What is baby-led weaning?
When is my baby ready to wean?
Which order to introduce foods?
What food to avoid?

These are the questions frequently asked by parents as they are about to start weaning their babies. As a nutritionist and mum of three children, I can answer all these questions and help debunk any myths around feeding.


Thank you for the workshop on Saturday and the additional info. I found it very helpful and am so pleased I attended!



Sophie opened my eyes to eating a better lunch with protein and fibre leaving me feeling fuller and less likely to snack in the afternoon. She was keen on adding in rather than taking away or saying certain food were bad. I now eat more vegetables at every meal, especially lunch. She has given me some great ideas for recipes and areas where I could improve my diet with little tweaks, for example switching to wholegrain pasta.