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Sophie Crosswaite MSc

Professional nutrition advice

Sophie has a Masters in Human Nutrition from St Mary’s University and more than 12 years experience in the food industry. Her initial interest in nutrition was instigated in the food industry but being a mum to three girls highlighted the importance of nutrition and also provided her with time to reflect on her priorities and career aspirations. Nutrition was the obvious answer: not only progressing her science background but also combining her in-depth food industry experience to benefit others. Since her graduation Sophie has been furthering her academic research into the benefits of a high fibre diet culminating in the recent publication of her research paper in an international peer-reviewed scientific journal. She currently works as part of the food development and nutrition team for an education catering company providing school meals, which is an area she is really passionate about. 

In her private practice Sophie has worked with a number of clients helping with a range of issues including emotional eating, eating for PCOS and hormonal problems, sports nutrition, digestive issues and skin problems. She can help with advice on dietary changes to help reduce cholesterol, blood sugar and blood pressure. She has helped parents with concerns about their children from weaning and fussy eaters to advice on teenage nutrition and vegan/vegetarian diets.  

Outside motherhood and her nutrition work, Sophie is a keen runner and is usually found either pounding the towpath or practicing her vinyasa flow in a yoga class!